Southern Vermont – Bromley Mountain

I visited Beaver Creek again in January 2022. I was really craving another ski trip a few weeks later.

After a Vermont local made the suggestion of Bromley to me, I discussed the idea of skiing in Southern Vermont with my Philadelphia-area-based sister and dad. I flew in from Chicago via Albany Wednesday and drove to my hotel in Manchester, VT. My sister and dad drove up after her workday Wednesday and met me at the hotel (she’s off on Thursdays.) We toasted with some blackberry brandy my dad brought and enjoyed some delicious cheese and crackers he brought from home, as well.

I slept terribly all night, partly because I was so excited to ski the next day, partly because my sister left her booklight on and it kept waking me up! Thursday after breakfast, we headed over to Bromley Mountain, about 9 minutes from the motel.

Parking was a snap and the open-air shuttles run very frequently.

My 75 -year-old dad stayed mostly on the greens near East Meadow Chair but he ventured up Alpine Chair with me a few times to ski some nice long green runs through the woods with us. He really hadn’t skiied for a few years, so once we planned this trip, he made sure to do a night practicing at a little hill in the Philly burbs. My dad did a terrific job reacquainting himself with his skis. He’s the guy in the sweet 90s neon jacket!

It was supposed to be sunny in the afternoon, but instead we got quite a nice snow shower. Although up at the top, visibility and wind was challenging, and it felt colder than the temps indicated. But the fresh fluffy stuff was worth it! My sister and I had a lot of fun together. She’s very athletic and super high-energy. It’s not easy keeping up with her!

Terrific day skiing with my family at Bromley!

They drove home right from the resort, and I went back to my motel because I had to work for a few hours.  I was so wiped out, I was glad my dad left me a sandwich because I was in no shape to get dressed and drag my weary bucket to a restaurant. In fact, I brought a small microwavable cup of soup with me in my luggage. But there was no microwave in the room, so I filled the bathroom sink up with hot water, submerging the soup container. I changed the water 3 times. It wasn’t “hot” per se, but definitely warm and soup-like – good enough for me! This simple meal hit the spot.

Turkey sandwich made by my dad, tomato soup & croutons, Jose Cuervo Margarita. Awww yeah.

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