About Me

Since infancy, I’ve always loved being in and around water. Childhood vacations were usually spent at the seashore – specifically Southern New Jersey, or “downashore” as it’s known among Philadelphia-area folks. At age 19, my parents treated our family to a Spring Break ski vacation in Vermont, including a week of lessons for all of us. I was hooked.

Though I remained in the Midwest after college, I continued to pursue both beach and ski adventures when my schedule and bank account allowed for it. Fast-forward to my 30s and 40s, with a family who have zero interest in learning to ski or take a vacation that had anything to do with snow, I put my skis, boots, and goggles in storage.

Over the years, I have spent time near lakes small, large, and…Great – as in nearby Lake Michigan. Now that I am an empty-nester, I try to put aside time and money to revisit my love of all things water-related: beaches, skiing, hot springs/spas, hiking near waterfalls, kayaking, boogie boarding, and my favorite exercise, aqua-aerobics and deep water running.

In order to do this with some regularity, I usually try to utilize cost-cutting measures such as preparing my own food, using frequent flyer, and other travel loyalty program perks, and choosing driveable day-trip destinations often.

I created this blog when I tried and failed to make a scrapbook with photos and mementos from my travels. I realized I wanted to write in more detail, and describe physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the particular activity or location that may not have been as clearly expressed solely via photograph.