End of an Era in Tahoe

I was reading a newsletter about casino opening plans in the midst of COVID-19, and came across the sad news that Lakeside Inn and Casino in South Lake Tahoe (Stateside, NV) is closing permanently. I only got to visit them twice, on my Feb 2020 ski trip to the area. The food at The Timbers Restaurant was FANTASTIC as I noted in my posts about that trip, and I noticed that they offered reasonably priced lodging, and had it in my mind to try to stay there next ski season. How sad for both the employees and the long-time patrons. It is very touching to read customers’ fond memories of Lakeside here.

I am certain that more fallout in the gaming industry will happen sooner than later in certain regions from a combination of COVID-19 revenue loss, over-saturated markets or overall decline in those markets, and gaming company mergers & consolidations (El Dorado/Caesars.) Per the link I included here, interestingly enough, many gaming companies derive an oversized portion of their company revenue from properties in Macau (serving the Chinese market) which have been shuttered even longer than US properties.

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